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You have a problem to solve, a life challenge or a passion that you would like to share. It's doesn't matter if you're an individual, a business or a non-profit,  you all share the same desire to engage with those that can help. That's what localMana is all about, connecting people, businesses and non-profits to solve problems, share ideas and inspire!  No negativity, advertising, filtering or algorithms. Unlike other social sites, localMana is not timeline driven so things stay top of mind. You even get rewarded for engaging.

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Supporting local business has never been easier! Find and interact with your favorite businesses and earn rewards when you do.  Our business partners are credible, reliable, and love the communities that they serve. Meet them here on localMana. View

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Love pets? Wine? Health? Food? Join a community group and interact with others that share your passion. Meet new friends, find answers, share ideas, discuss topics you love and know that you have a community behind you. View

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Your local Non-Profits are on a mission to create awareness and increase engagement for incredibly important causes. Volunteer, donate, share ideas and participate in fun events that benefit a cause you are passionate about. View


localMana thrives on the participation of inquisitive visitors, enthusiasts and experts alike and we believe that people who are creating value for others should receive recognition for their participation. Every time you engage, you earn!

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