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The Coop Rotisserie

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A Taste of Latin America

Located in beautiful downtown Amesbury MA, The Coop Rotisserie fuses the best of  American and Latin cuisine to create a truly unique dining experience. The owner Chef Elvis Jimenez-Chavez has roots in the Caribbean which is reflected in The Coop's rotisserie chicken and flavorful dishes. Take a mini vacation at the Coop or opt for take out and even catering!

Serving a Gastronomic Feast That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Welcome to THE COOP ROTISSERIE, your go-to restaurant for freshly cooked meals bursting with rich spices and exciting flavors! Our food will take you on a journey to Latin America and the Caribbean in every bite. You can also enjoy the cozy and welcoming atmosphere in our restaurant with every visit.

Here, we don’t just make sure that we serve the best dishes; we also ensure that our customers are happy with our service. Our restaurant has been serving delicious Latin American and Caribbean meals for more than 3  years, and we hope to continue delivering more of our delightful recipes for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us in Amesbury, Massachusetts, and treat yourself to a wonderful dining experience at THE COOP ROTISSERIE. Bring your family and friends too! We’d be delighted to see all of you!


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36 Main Street, Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913